Mumford and Sons headlining Music Midtown 2017 lineup

Event description

Music Midtown features a diverse lineup of over 30 artists across 4 stages. Be it rock and roll, hip-hop, pop, electronic, or anything in between, Music Midtown has been Atlanta’s premier festival for music lovers of all kinds since 1994.

Situated in Atlanta’s beautiful Piedmont Park, Music Midtown offers more than just music. Aside from performances from all of your favorite artists, we have interactive sponsorship experiences, a Ferris Wheel overlooking the festival, and amazing views of the Midtown skyline for all to enjoy. (source)

It hasn’t been announced which day Mumford and Sons are playing on but it will likely be Saturday, September 16th.

*Please note: Times currently listed are the hours the festival is open. This page will be updated if/when a set time is released.

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