Mumford and Sons Lend Me Your Eyes Self-Titled First EP
  • RELEASE DATE /July 7th, 2008 (UK)
  • PRODUCER /Ben Lovett
  • LABEL /Chess Club
  • FORMAT /Vinyl
  • CREDITS /• Ash Gardner - recording and engineering
    • Ben Lovett - production and mixing
    • Jeremy Cooper - mastering
    • Max Knight - photography
    • Winston Marshall (Country Winston) - artwork

Track list (Side A)

Track list (Side B)

*note: since these tracks are different from the ones recorded for Sigh No More, they are available in their entirety.

About the album

The very first release from Mumford and Sons, Lend Me Your Eyes is a four track EP produced by Ben Lovett and recorded at House of Strange. It had a limited 500 copy release on Chess Club Records.

Highlighted review

The London-based Mumford & Sons plays a style of folk more akin to America than the United Kingdom with balanced, paced elements that collectively support one another without overstepping boundaries or detracting from the underlying goal of each song. “White Blank Page” is a tempered, tentative track that frames their approach. Music comes second to Marcus Mumford’s lyrics (I would say singing, but all perform back up vocals). “Can you lie next to her / and give her your heart as well as your body? / And can you lie next to her / and confess your love as well as your folly?” is released in a harmonic croon before a quivering violin introduces an acoustic buildup. Each phrase is punctuated by the organic footsteps of a string bass, which produces wonderfully natural, traditional sound in their music.

– John Brunner MEZZIC