In lieu of today’s Daily Dose, I feel it is important to put this announcement out here. Your Daily Dose will resume tomorrow.

Hi Mumfamily,

I have complained about paparazzi photos in the past (rant 1, rant 2) but now I have a special request/complaint.

I have seen the sharing of pictures of members of the band from friends and families (sometimes private) social media accounts. I saw a photo just last week of Ted and his sister that was being passed around that I know is from her Facebook account. This is not okay.

I haven’t confirmed this yet but I was told that a lot of Marcus’ friends are deleting their photos of him because they are being stolen and shared. This is sad. These are people that are just friends with a regular guy but can’t share pictures of their friend in fear of his or even their privacy being violated.

I enjoy seeing pictures of the boys, especially now they are on hiatus, as much as the rest of you. But taking photos from friends and families social media accounts and sharing them is just plain disrespectful to said person you took it from and the boys themselves. Especially if these photos are being deleted, that means they don’t want them shared. They shouldn’t have to make their accounts private just because they are friends with some guy(s) in a band that happens to be quite popular.

So, please, if you love the boys, which I know you do, RESPECT them and their privacy. If you find these photos, look at them to your hearts content, but don’t pass them around, yeah?

Thank you and we will see you again tomorrow at 7pm!