We have some great news that came in late last night, Marcus Mumford will be co-hosting Communion Presents next week on XFM in the UK! The news came from XFM’s twitter account last night after Communion Presents ended its regular Sunday rotation.

We will keep you updated with any details as we get them but for now here is what you need to know:

Marcus will be hosting this Sunday February 16, 2014 at 10pm GMT (which is local London time). If you are in the UK area, you can listen live at 10pm on 104.9 in London and 97.7 in Manchester. However, if you are outside of the UK like me, do not fear, you can listen online too.

For nowhere near the UK fans, you can click here to listen live when the time comes. A popup will say something along the lines of “it doesn’t look like you are in the UK, please enter your postcode to confirm”. If this happens to you, please go to this website and click somewhere on the map. This will give you a postcode to use. I did it once and haven’t had to enter one again to listen live.

This will air on Sunday February 16th at 10pm GMT, this means we also need to convert the time to where you live. If you are in the US this will be either:

  • 5pm Eastern Standard Time
  • 4pm Central Standard Time
  • 3pm Mountain Standard Time
  • 2pm Pacific Standard Time

If you are outside of the US then please use this handy timezone converter.

If for any reason you are having any trouble, please leave me a comment and I will let you know what time to listen in your local area.


Mumford Sighting

Marcus Mumford New Sighting Feb 9 2014
click image to see full size

A lovely fan, Sarah Chowdry, served Marcus at the restaurant where she works last night (February 9th)
She was kind enough to post pictures of her encounter on instagram and twitter!
Thank you, Sarah!