Back in August 2015, we posted our first glimpse at “If This is Love”, which was kindly recorded by a fan who had purchased the limited edition box set from Wilder Mind that the song appeared on. Flash forward to today and I get a lovely comment from Mark, who pointed out the last video for me, who has uploaded a much clearer, MP3 quality version of the song! Let’s all give a collective THANK YOU, MARK! 🙂

I didn’t transcribe the lyrics last time but I am going to give it a go this time below. If you see any errors, please feel free to correct me in the comments. This is a collaborative effort!

In related good news, the Wilder Mind 7″ Collector’s Edition Box Set is now on sale on Amazon for half the price! So… yeah I had to buy another. Click here to get the box set on Amazon!


Don't judge me!
Don’t judge me!

If This is Love

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It’s no slip of the tongue
so let it all out, let it all out
and don’t you act like your stunned
it didn’t all come from me
did it all come from me?

I’m red, I’m rare, and I’m out of breath
Your burning stare holding down my chest, chest

So if this is love, love, love
then why do you, you, even bother

Piercing words (??) the night
then you forced me to the floor
you pull me to the floor
but you won’t see inside
this beating head, this wailing head

So if this is love, love, love
then why do you, you, even bother


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