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Daily Dose of Mumford and Sons #187

August 24, 2015
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No news today. The boys have finished up their US leg (hopefully just the 1st one) and are moving on to the UK for Reading and Leeds Festival which starts this Friday!

Ben Lovett

Ben Lovett of Mumford and Sons

Marcus Mumford

Marcus Mumford, Ted Dwane, and Ben Lovett of Mumford and Sons

Ted Dwane

Ted Dwane and Ben Lovett of Mumford and Sons

Winston Marshall

Winston Marshall and Ben Lovett of Mumford and Sons

Mumford and Sons

Mumford and Sons in 2015

Today in Mumford and Sons’ History

August 24th – Mumford and Sons perform a cover of “I’m on Fire” at the Simcoe Gentlemen of the Road Stopover on August 24th, 2013.

You can download a version of this cover here.

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Mumford and Sons Live at Cricket Hill in Chicago – Listen and Download

July 15, 2015
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Along with the Merriweather show download we just posted, we also have the live audio from Cricket Hill in Chicago from June 15th, 2015!

You can download the all the songs and banter in one .zip file here.

You can also click each file in order to listen or right click and save target as (in Windows)* to download them individually. You can also listen to the playlist of the full concert below.


Track Listing

  1. Babel
  2. Banter (1)
  3. I Will Wait
  4. Only Love
  5. Wilder Mind
  6. Banter (2)
  7. Lovers’ Eyes
  8. Lover of the Light
  9. Thistle and Weeds
  10. Banter (3)
  11. Just Smoke (partial)
  12. Believe
  13. Tompkins Square Park
  14. Banter (4)
  15. The Cave
  16. Roll Away Your Stone
  17. Broad-Shouldered Beasts
  18. Banter (5)
  19. Snake Eyes
  20. Banter (6)
  21. Ditmas
  22. Dust Bowl Dance
  23. Hot Gates
  24. Little Lion Man
  25. The Wolf


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Top image credit: Culture Collide

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Mumford and Sons Live at Merriweather Post Pavilion – Listen and Download

July 15, 2015
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First off, let me apologize for my absence these last couple of weeks. I had some health issues and since it is just me running this site, when I go down, it goes with me for a bit. But have no fear! We are back up and running and have many Mumford treats to bring you.

Let’s start off with the live recording of Mumford and Sons at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland on June 10th, 2015.

You can download the .zip file featuring all of the songs and banter here.

You can also click to listen or right click and save target as (on Windows)* to download individual tracks. Below the track listing you’ll find a playlist.


Track Listing

  1. Lovers’ Eyes
  2. Believe
  3. Banter
  4. I Will Wait
  5. Snake Eyes
  6. Banter
  7. Broad-Shouldered Beasts
  8. Only Love
  9. Banter
  10. Monster
  11. Lover of the Light
  12. Thistle and Weeds
  13. Banter
  14. Ghosts That We Knew
  15. Banter
  16. Tompkins Square Park
  17. Banter
  18. The Cave
  19. Banter
  20. Just Smoke
  21. Ditmas
  22. Below My Feet
  23. Dust Bowl Dance
  24. Hot Gates
  25. Awake My Soul
  26. Little Lion Man
  27. Banter
  28. The Wolf


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Top image credit: Business Wire

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Watch Mumford and Sons’ 2015 Bonnaroo Performance

June 14, 2015
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Update: If you are having problems downloading or want to download faster, we have uploaded a torrent. You need a program to download the torrent such as µTorrent (free version). Read how to download torrents here. If you already have done all of this or are familiar with torrents, click here to download.

If you missed Mumford and Sons’ performance at Bonnaroo last night, no worries! The Red Bull TV stream is reairing performances throughout the day. I haven’t found a set schedule for this as of yet, but Mumford is currently reairing as I write this.

I went through quite a few screen recording programs (over 2 hours) before I finally found one that was decent. Most were very choppy and the audio was way off. I am happy to say I found a lovely open source program that synced the audio with the least amount of choppiness. With that being said, it is still choppy and not as good as watching the live stream, my apologies. If/when a copy is uploaded to YouTube, I will replace the file and send out a notice.

Interview with Marcus and Winston

Performance at Bonnaroo 2015

I hope you enjoy! If you would like to download the concert you can do so here. If for some reason the Google link doesn’t work, you can downlaod it directly it from our server here (right click, save target/link as). Beware that this is almost 2 hours worth of concert so the file is almost 4GB. You can also download the interview video here. Just as the other file, if the Google share link doesn’t work you can download it here. The audio from the Merriweather show should be up within the next day (editing).

Bonnaroo Setlist

1. Lovers’ Eyes
2. I Will Wait
3. Snake Eyes
4. Lover of the Light
5. Thistle and Weeds
6. Ghost That We Knew
7. Awake My Soul
8. Believe
9. Tompkins Square Park
10. The Cave
11. Ditmas
12. Broad-Shouldered Beasts
13. Below My Feet
14. Dust Bowl Dance
15. The Wolf
16. Hot Gates
17. Only Love
18. Roll Away Your Stone
19. Little Lion Man
20. With A Little Help From My Friends (Cover. Originally by The Beatles.)

Mumford and Sons Playlist