When browsing from your desktop or laptop and you click on a download link for an audio or video file, it will open in a new window and play. If you would like to save these files to your computer, instead of left clicking on the link and viewing the file, you will need to right-click the link and choose “Save Link As…”. This exact text may vary depending on what browser you are using.

Here is how it looks in Google Chrome when you right-click a file link:

How to Save a File from a Website in Windows

It will be similar in other browsers. Click the above option and you will be prompted for a place you would like to save the file at.

If you have iOS/Mac/Apple press and hold the control (Ctrl) key while you click the mouse button on the actual link itself as shown above. A similar window will appear to allow you to download the file.


Mobile Users


If you are viewing our site on your smartphone with an Android operating system, all you need to do is press (click) on the link with your finger or stylus and hold. This will usually bring up a menu that has an option to download the file.


As far as I know iPhones are not capable to download files in the Safari browser without additional plugins.


If you encounter any download issues, please let us know.