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Respect of Privacy

We are very particular in our respect of Mumford and Sons’ privacy. This means that any picture that is taken by the paparazzi, personal in some way, or taken from a friend/family members’ social media account will not be posted here. If at any time you see that we have missed one in error, I urge you to contact us so we can remove it. However, we try to verify the source of the images before they are posted.

The respect of privacy clause also covers any mention of personal lives. We do not include information on any of their personal lives here and won’t do so in the future. This includes wives, girlfriends, children, etc.


If we happen to have your picture up in the gallery and proper credit has not been given or you’d like it removed, please contact us. Usually, credit is given to the original photographer in the description and alt tags of the image, especially if no watermark is displayed. If you’d like to keep your image up but would also like a watermark on it (with your information) as well as credit in the description, send us a message and we’ll add a watermark on for you free of charge.

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